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4 Ways Chatbots Can Help Your Local Business Thrive

chatbots for local businessIf you want to boost your marketing efforts for your local business and build up your brand I have a great way that can help increase traffic without you having work at your business 24/7.

It’s called chatbot marketing and it’s become one of the most popular forms of communicating with your potential clients. The AI powered bots give businesses another easy way to interact with their customers, attract new and incoming leads and increase the conversions of their products and services.

Marketing studies have shown that 80% of adult customers are very satisfied with their interaction with chatbots and with chatbots becoming more and more the norm on websites, local business owners are taking advantage  of what they can do.

This means more than 50% of these consumers will buy from an ad if the chatbot gave them a location-based offer  which included coupons and deals. To go one step further, over 40% of those adult shoppers are looking at the coupons and deals to make a purchase with the chatbots.

As a business owner, understanding what chatbots can do for you can be the difference between making some sales and hitting the jackpot. Chatbots are the new marketing sensation and they’re only getting better and more knowledgeable.

Here’s how setting up a chatbot for your local business is the smart way to go by helping you land you more clients in less time than ever possible.

1. Messenger Bots Help Businesses Generate New Leads


All businesses can use more leads and because chatbots are active 24/7. implementing them in your business is the smart way to go. Set them up and they can do anything you want them to do.

If you want more leads you can set them up to consistently generate new leads every day so that you can focus on what you are going to sell instead of wasting precious time marketing to people who may not want what you have to sell.

One of the best places to set up a chatbot is on Facebook. Setting up these intelligent Facebook bots makes its so easy for potential customers to find exactly what they need from you. In fact, you can program them to make offers as well as engaging with new prospects and cater to their needs immediately.

They can also direct new customers to any place you want to send them. Maybe it’s to a sales team member who can close the deal or to a place on your website where they can purchase what they came to look for at your site.

The leads that chatbots generate are some of the best leads possible because these chabots can qualify or disqualify the customer based on how they answer questions. This means you don’t have to waste time trying to sell to a new customer. You’ll have all the information about them from the chabot and you can help them make a buying decision much easier

2. Facebook Chatbots Are Great At Assisting Your Business With An Upcoming New Launch


If you want to launch a new service or product, what better way than have your Messenger Bot help spread the word about what you are selling. The bot can help you identify areas that need more attention in your launch as well as get immediate feedback from your potential leads.

Most of the time, a new lead will initiate the contact only after they’ve heard about a product or know for sure they really need a service but by using a chatbot, you can announce your new launch by getting in front of potential new clients and subscribers before they hear about a similar product or service offered by your competition.

This gives you a head start over your competition and you can take advantage of this by getting your products out to the public before your competition knows what hit them.

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3. AI Powered Bots Are Great At Gathering Important Insights From From Potential Customers


What better way is there to improve your next offer than by finding out what your potential customers really need? You can tailor your products to your customers wants and needs and only give them what they are looking for.

Many launches have failed because the business did not gather the right information about what potential customers where looking for so they tried to sell the wrong products to the wrong people. That’s truly a recipe for disaster for a local business owner.

But Messenger Bots can do more than just throw an offer at the laps of your customers. A carefully planned marketing program can use chatbots to ask pertinent questions and gather insightful data based on the answers your audience gives. You can find out what they like or dislike as well as their preferences.

All this information can be used to help you improve your customer’s experience which will lead to customer loyalty which every business wants and prays for.

You can also use this information to tweak your offers to match your customer’s needs and it allows you to streamline your marketing efforts to get a better return on investment and plan for future marketing campaigns.

Messenger bots can do more than just pop an offer in the inbox of your customers. They can ask questions and gather important data based on the audience answers or their preferences. After you gather enough information from your leads, you can use it to improve customer experience, tweak your offers to match your customers’ needs and work smarter on marketing campaigns you plan for the future.

4. Chatbots Are The Secret Weapon In Increasing Brand Loyalty For Your Business


Brand loyalty is the gold standard for any business and using chatbots to nurture your existing clients to boost their loyalty and keep them coming back for more is one of the secret weapons business owners are finding out when programming their chatbots.

Setting up a chatbot to deliver information your subscribers ask for is a great way to build trust and loyalty while drawing their attention back to your brand every time you interact with them.

The idea is to set up a “Polite and Friendly” chabot that makes your clients and customers feel at home when they are shopping or when they are interested in buying something. These particular chatbots can help you meet customer expectations and increase customer satisfaction. These are two areas that must be done right in order to increase brand loyalty.

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