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Are You Scared Of Getting Publicity For Your Local Business?

press release marketingImagine if your business suddenly got a huge burst of publicity and a boatload of new customers and clients came into your store… Would you be able to handle all the new business? Would you be ready for all the new business?

Sometimes as a business owner, we wish for things that we’re not quite prepared to handle and it can be quite scary to put yourself out there for the media to interview if you’re uncomfortable with being in the spotlight.

What Is The Best Form Of Publicity For Your Business?

The business world is littered with owners who have  become the spokesman for their brand. Some of them have become iconic figures such a Colonel Sanders for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Frank Perdue for Purdue Chicken and Dave Thomas for Wendy’s.

Are you looking to become the face of your brand? Are you scared to show your face or do you feel your local business is not newsworthy?

Every business owner has a story which can be relayed to consumers in such a way as to build trust in their brand. Most small businesses shy away from publicity because they don’t see the big picture.

So how does a local business get real publicity that gets results?

Press releases… that’s how!

Press releases can get you into Google’s 3-pack and help turn your business into the main place for your business’s main keyword.

If you are a doctor, lawyer, chiropractor, roofer, electrician or even a plumber, a great press release can get you a;ointments and bookings and keep your phone ringing off the hook.

Are you afraid of your phone ringing off the hook?

Why Press Releases Work So Well For Local Business

There has never been a better time for local business to get the publicity they deserve. Everyday you put off trying to get leads for your business the quicker your business will be out of business.

Want more leads?

You have to reach more people.

So how do you do that?

By telling your potential customers what is happening in your business. Combined with social media, a great press release can put you miles ahead of your competition. Remember, they aren’t using press releases so you have to beat them to the punch.

What kind of news should you talk about?

Here’s a great example. My youngest daughter works at an ice cream shop on the beach here at the Jersey Shore. When summer comes, they have to compete with all the other ice cream shoppes in the area.

So, how do they become the go-to place for ice cream?

Think out of the box!

Here’s A Great Example Of What Press Releases Can Do For Your Local Business

What they did was put out a news report that they were adding a new flavor to their menu and they wanted to see if the public liked the new flavor. Instead of just telling their regular customers who wandered into the store about it they decided to have a competition between the new flavor and one of the old flavors.

To celebrate the first day of summer, they gave out free ice cream to everyone who came in all day long.  They gave out prizes such as free t-shirts, gift cards and had a photo booth for customers to have their picture taken eating ice cream. They also invited the local radio station to be part of the festivities which legitimized the event which brought in even more people. They even brought in the mayor and local police officers come in and do the judging for the bikini contest.

Talk about using the press release to boost their business! Wow! They were featured in the local papers, videos of the event were live streamed online. It was a terrific success. Now, you don’t have to go that far but just think of the possibilities your business can get involved in and get publicity for.

I hope your head is spinning now! You see, you don’t have to be scared of publicity. You just have to ride the wave and let the publicity bring in new leads, new customers and new clients.

Want to take your Press Releases to the next level?

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