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How Chatbots Can Boost Your Bottom Line

chatbotsWhy would local business owners want to use chatbots anyway?

How would your local business benefit from using these chatbots?

For most local businesses, chatbots are a new language that can seem undecipherable but for those in the know, chatbots have become the best way to get in touch with, inform, and guide your customers through your website but they can do much more than that. In fact, they can be programmed to do just about anything you want and that’s where their power lies.

Are you ready to join the chatbot revolution?

Before we begin, let me open your eyes to what a chatbot is and how it can help you boost your business’s bottom line.

What Is A Chatbot?

A chatbot is an interactive computer program that is used to communicate with people through various avenues. These can be used by businesses to help with appointments, reservations, quotes, coupons, support, buyer guides, birthday promotions, etc.

This is exciting because your business can now use these bots 24/7/365 to automate so many of your tedious tasks that can free up your time and do what you love to do with your business.

Many chatbots use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn from their conversations. They are able to find the best deals, help you when you have a problem as well as understand your online habits. The more you interact with them the better they get at helping you.

This means most chatbots can relay complex information and make informed decisions that will assist you in whatever you do.

What Can You Do With Chatbots?

Chatbots have a million uses for your business and can be programmed to do anything your business needs. Here are just a few ways you can use thes bots to boost your bottom line.

  1. You can create ad campaigns that can be sent to your customers so you can sell more of your products and services. 
  2. You can follow-up with past customers and offer coupons to bring them back to your store. 
  3. You can offer upsells when customers buy from you thereby making more money per customer.
  4. You can set up appointment bots to help clients find the right appointment time as well as setting up appointment reminders thereby avoiding the hassles of calling them or them calling you.
  5. You can easily set up reservations for your customers if you are a restaurant or hotel/motel owner which means more bookings for you!.
  6. If you are a business that gives out free quotes, what better way than to use a chatbot to set up a quote to people who are looking to buy? This is great for those in construction, roofers, flooring companies, handyman services, appliance repair, electricians, home security, landscapers, movers, painters as well as plumbers. This is how you increase business and get people to buy your services!
  7. Support is a major issue for many business and support bots can do all of that without the hassle of wasting time with support issues.

Why Are Chatbots So Important To Local Business Owners?

The online business world is rapidly changing and those local businesses that jump on the bus can make the most of these chatbots.

According to Neilpatel.com, “Facebook Messenger has a massive reach, higher levels of interactivity, and more AI capabilities than email.” That’s a huge eye opener for any local business.

Neil goes on to say, “Bots can help us as marketers get higher open rates, click through rates, leads, and sales.” Now, you must be licking your chops right about now, huh?

Here are some numbers that spell out how much chatbots are taking over the internet:

  • Over 80% of subscribers to messenger bots opened and read sales messages as compared to 33% to traditional email.
  • It has been found that over  83% of online shoppers need some kind of support during shopping so your bot can take care of that and you will be a hero to your customers. Great support will always keep customers coming back to your business!
  • You get an average of over 60% click through rates sent via messenger while emails are only getting between 1-2% click through rates.
  • Over 1.2 billion people are using Facebook Messenger every month and it’s growing like wildfire. You do know that your ideal customer is using Messenger right now and needs to hear from you!
  • According to G2’s Facebook Chatbots Guide, 2018, the satisfaction rate of Live chat stands  at a blistering 73% satisfaction rate for customers who interact with businesses.
  • Facebook has over 300,000 chatbots alone doing those things your company needs doing.
  • According to NerdyData, Only 58% of all B2B companies are using chatbots. That means it’s not too late to join the revolution and make chatbots work for you.

How Your Business Can Use Chatbots To Increase Your Bottom Line

Savvy business owners are using these chatbots to help their customers in so many ways.

According to Nel Patel, you can do the following to increase awareness of your business’s products and services, what your company does as well as keeping in touch with them.

  • You can deliver messaging sequences to people in Messenger.
  • You can create a sales funnel that brings in sales right within Messenger.
  • You can send downloads (like resources and content upgrades) via Messenger.
  • You can have automated conversations with real users on Messenger using AI.

But the most important benefits of chatbots for small businesses include the following:

  • Help Grow Your Business – Chatbots will help your business with lead generation, convert traffic into paying customers, and provide much better customer service.
  • Saves Your Business Time & Money – Chatbots are very affordable for the average business but they will increase your bottom line by paying for themselves in the long run. The same holds true for your time. They say “Time is money” and the less time you spend on repetitive tasks means you have more time to run your business.
  • Are Cheap & Easy To Build & Customize – It is very affordable to hire a developer to build your business a basic bot which you can customize to your heart’s content.. Remember, they are a tool to help grow your business. It is money well spent to make a bot that makes you money!.
  • Easy For Your Customers To Use – Most people are already using chatbots so a simple interface is what will make your interaction with your customers work.
  • Increase In Customer Engagement – This is what all businesses crave. They want their customers to engage with them so they will buy more of their products and services and with added engagement  comes trust, The more a customer trust your business, the more apt they will to buy from you! According to Digital Doughnut, “Chatbots don’t bore customers with irrelevant and unnecessary information and keep your customers on your platform longer and keep the content flowing by maintaining the conversation.” This is a Godsend to those who have nowhere else to turn to when going through your site.

There you have it. This is how chatbots can turn your ordinary business into the most trusted, most appealing and leader in your field. If you don’t have a chatbot for your business, why not?

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