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How Local Business Can Bulletproof Their Online Reputation

online reputationIf you’re a local business that sells anything online you know how difficult it is to protect your reputation. There is always someone lurking out there who wants to leave a less than stellar review about your business’s products or services that can have a disastrous effect on your business going forward.

So how do you combat this? And how do you protect your online business without fear of bad reviews or bad word-of-mouth hitting your business where it can least afford it?

Protecting Your Business’s Online Reputation

How can your local business shape the impression consumers get of your business when they deal with you and your website?

Every business owner wants a customer’s experience to be a positive and engaging one but that cannot happen every single time. There are always people who have bad attitudes or want to cause trouble. The idea is to handle the situation as it happens without upsetting the customer.

How can you avoid this situation in the first place?

  • Brainstorm different scenarios where you might have negative comments show up.
  • Create a plan that deals with these comments so each of your employees (if you have any) can implement these strategies at once.
  • Identify where these comments are coming from and work and improving those areas that might be weaknesses in your business.
  • Make sure the negative comments are warranted and if so, apologize and try to offer a resolution that is both reasonable and realistic for both you and the customer.

4 Tips To Protect Your Online Reputation

With the amount of people accessing the internet, it is now more important than ever to be proactive when protecting your online protection. Just hoping for the best or worst yet, doing nothing can hurt your brand big time.

From and article on allbusiness.com they state, “Your online reputation is an essential component of your personal brand. When you protect your online reputation, you safeguard your brand, and a successful career or business can only be cemented on a rock-solid brand foundation.”

What can you do to protect your business’s online reputation?

Tip #1 – Search Your Name On Google

You need to do a comprehensive search on google for everything related to your business. What are people saying about you? What do customers think of your services and products? What are your competitors saying about you?  if you find something negative, allbusiness.com says, “If one of the search results is damaging to your reputation, contact the site directly to have the content removed. You can usually reach the right people by clicking on their privacy or contact page.” 

You must try to get it taken down or that negative comment will grow wings and lead to more negativity thrown your way. You must also continuously monitor your name at least once per week.

Here are some places you can go to monitor information being said about your business:


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Tip #2 – Claim Your Business Name Online

If you want your business to thrive, you must first claim your domain name so it brands you and your business. Next, claim your name on both Yelp and Google My Business pages as well as any online directory. You want your name to be found on as many social media profiles, review sites, and forums as possible.

Why is this important? Someone (your competitors, maybe?) can claim them and they can easily hurt your reputation.

ReputationManagment.com says you should “Flaunt your assets because your website, social media accounts, and business profiles should reflect your brand’s values. They can also provide a buffer against negative search results.”

Tip#3 – Learn The Right Way To Interact With People and Businesses

There’s a right way and a wrong way to interact with people and businesses online. Your tone plays a huge role in how you are perceived by others. So does your attitude.

Thrivehive.com states, “If a customer asks you a question on social media, responding quickly will show that your business is proactive and customer-focused. Re-tweet positive reviews or mentions from customers and thank them for their business. Having a positive, active, and engaged presence on social media not only builds your reputation but also promotes positive reviews.” 

You want to establish meaningful connections through your various social media platforms by interacting with them on a daily basis. The customers who make the strongest bonds with your business are the ones who will stand up and defend you when your business when you need it the most. These are the types of customers you want to build going forward.

How Do You Do That?

  • Build a thriving Facebook community where your customers can hang out.
  • Post updates that engage your followers to comment.
  • Share content that informs and you know they would enjoy reading or watching from you.
  • Use videos to show your customers what you are all about. This gives them insight to the inner workings of your business and a down-home kind of feel.
  • Support worthwhile causes you believe in and your audience will follow you. This shows you care about things others that your business. This shows that you are both authentic and honest.

Tip#4 – Seek Out Ways To Get Positive Publicity

While most businesses want positive publicity many don’t know where to turn to or how to get it. We here at Outtasite Marketing are masters at the Press Release. When you put out a great press release, you open doors to avenues you haven’t thought about and that kind of publicity can get you more customers banging down your door to buy your products and services.

When you use press releases to publicize an event or information about your business, you can “Generate coverage in news outlets (both local and not-so-local), trade publications, influential blogs, industry-specific journals, and other targeted publications” as told by The Horton Group.

They go on to say, “It’s a great way to guarantee that information about your products, company, events, or policies are shared accurately.” This is important as you want accurate information about your business to be seen on the internet. Mis quoted or misinformation can also harm your reputation online.

Press releases are used to control your story the way you want it to be said. Reputation management is all about controlling your story and making sure you come out smelling like roses. Remember, this will go down as a permanent record of your business online so why don’t you do everything you can to put out positive information about your business so that others can see what your business is about.

Well, there you have it. These are the best tips to protecting your online reputation and getting seen in a positive vein by the rest of the online world.

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