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How To Stop Being The Best Kept Secret In Your Industry

press newsAre you tired of being the best kept secret in your industry?

Do you want the rest of the world to know about you and your business?

Does your business need to generate some quick publicity that will lead to new customers who will purchase your products and services?

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, every business needs publicity. Every business needs to let the public know what they have to offer and what’s going on in their business. Without publicity, most local businesses are losing out on a great chance to sell their services and make a profit.

Are Press Releases Good For Local Businesses?

You bet! A good press release can help you get both local and national new coverage in a way that is both cost-effective and easy to implement.

Online marketing and PR expert, Barbara Rozgonyi states this about using press releases for local businesses, Size doesn’t matter. Story does. Any business is capable of being newsworthy, but reporters have to know about your news to cover your story. That’s why it’s so important to send out press releases. Reporters search for fresh stories every day.”

A press release is an excellent public relations and marketing tool yet most local businesses are not using them to their benefit. According to The Horton Group, “Regardless of your industry, a press release helps your business or organization earn media coverage across the globe and within your community. A professionally written and widely distributed press release can help your company gain coverage in news outlets (both local and not-so-local), trade publications, influential blogs, industry-specific journals, and other targeted publications.”

Using a press release is all about getting media coverage. The more coverage you receive the better it is for your brand. You may not realize but your business has different types of  stories that can get you major coverage in trade journals, magazines, blogs, podcasts, and other publications that cover your industry.

When trying to reach your target market, figure out how your story can affect those you want to reach. Local readers of newspapers and magazines want to read about what’s happening locally and getting included in these publications can increase your brand awareness.

Benefits Of A Press Release For Local Businesses

There are many benefits of doing press releases for your local business. If you’re a local business owner with limited resources, a press release is a great way to announce your business to the world.

Let’ go over a 7 benefits and see how you can incorporate them into your marketing.

1- Building Relationships With Your Local Market – The more you develop a solid relationship with your local customers the easier it will be for them to like and trust you. Once you have that like and trust factor, selling will be much easier to do. The stories you tell in your press releases will show the human side of your business and attract customers who believe in the same things you do. That kind of communication is priceless!

2- Instant Credibility – No where is it easier than to gain instant credibility than by being quoted in a news release. When customers go looking to buy they want to know about your company. When they see your been covered by the media it gives you a distinct advantage over your competition..

3- A Way To Boost Your Company’s Visibility – Every business struggles with getting enough visibility in the marketplace but using press releases can be your magic bullet if used properly. Mickie Kennedy, the founder of E-Releases says, “You have let customers know who you are, what you do, and why they need you.” The more visibility you get, the more your customers will know why they need your products and services.

4- Establish Your Authority As An Industry Expert – You know you’re an expert in your industry but does anyone else know? Writing a good press release that shows off your expertise is a great way to build authority while becoming a stepping stone to more and more press. The media loves to quote authority figures and when you are able to be a trusted go-to authority in your field, opportunities will open up to build even more authority.

5- You Get Important SEO Benefits – Every website needs quality backlinks to help boost their site to the top of Google. A well written press release on a topic that has all the right keywords related to your business, what your business does, and why your business is important has a massive effect on your SEO score. We here at Outtasite Marketing can get your press release on over 220 of the most important news sites in the world. These types of  backlinks carry a huge amount of weight in the search engines and many of our press releases go straight to the top of page one in Google. That will garner you the kind of media attention small businesses really need!

Another great SEO benefit comes from the citations your business gets for being mentioned on many websites. Because press releases get distributed all over, hundreds of citations are possible and can be the juice that sends your business to the top of Google Maps as well.

6- Increased Traffic to Your Website – All websites need traffic to survive and using press releases are just another avenue to get more eyeballs on what you are selling. Because press releases are able to get to the top of Google, especially the Google 3-Pack for business, they can drive an incredible amount of local traffic to your website, your local brick & mortar building as well as your social media sites.

7- Keeps Your Customers Informed – An informed customer is the best customer. Customers want to know what is going on with your business (maybe a new sale on some merchandise or an event being held or even financial information) and being honest and true to your customers is a perfect way to build a fanbase. The more they know about you the more they  can follow you and your business.

Using press releases is a good business practice and one, when used as part of an overall marketing strategy, can deliver you more publicity and more customers helping your business make more money in the process.

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