New Spokesman Video Service Helps Local Businesses Convert Visitors Into Clients

video marketing for local business

Neptune, New Jersey, United States – July 23, 2019

For most local small businesses, getting their video marketing efforts off the ground can be a daunting task. From putting a major dent in their marketing budgets to finding time to write, film and produce a great looking video that can get results, make video marketing for local businesses a challenge hard to overcome

This has all changed with a new video marketing service from Outtasite Marketing. By creating the spokesman videos for any type of local business beforehand, Outtasite Marketing has made it simple, easy and affordable to local businesses to convert visitors into clients.

How Are They Able To Do This?

With over 300 videos to choose from and almost every small business niche covered, each video can be edited to show a company’s logo, street and website address, telephone number, and marketing message while using actors and actresses to inform and convey trust.

According to Outtasite Marketing’s CEO, Barry Ferguson, “Our premade videos allow local businesses to purchase videos any time they want, have us edit them and put them up on their website, social media accounts, YouTube and Video accounts as well as turn them into commercials without the hassle of doing all the work themselves. Our service saves them time and money and that’s a big deal for small businesses who want to do video marketing but don’t have the budgets to compete with the big brands.”

What Can Spokesman Videos Do For Local Businesses?

With everyone using video content in their marketing, local businesses need to go where their customers are hanging out.

  1. Spokesman videos engage customers and can highlight key products and services people are looking for. Videos get 7 times more engagement than text marketing which every small business can profit from.
  2. Premade spokesman videos give businesses an air of professionalism that regular videos just can’t. Every business wants to appear in the best light possible and these videos give them that advantage
  3. Small businesses can build their brand 24/7/365 by using the right kind of spokesman videos without having to be there to market themselves. Premade spokesman videos are the secret weapon in turning shoppers into buyers.

How Can Local Businesses Get Their Hands On Theses Videos?

To see video examples from different types of small business niches and purchase your own set of premade videos go to either: local-video-production/

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Barry Ferguson is the owner and President of Outtasite Marketing LLC, a Local Business consultant who puts the best interests of his clients first by treating them with honesty, respect and care. As a small business owner himself, he knows exactly what business owners need and helps them to boost their bottom line by getting more customers in the door and making long-term sales goals a priority. With 12 years of experience in Website Building, Search Engine Marketing and Reputation Management for local businesses, he is always at the forefront of new technology so he can help his clients stay current and focused on growing their business.

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