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Are bad reviews killing your business? We’ll show you how to turn every review you get into a 5 star rating and make you a rock star on Yelp so you’ll be miles ahead of your competition  in your customer’s eyes.


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Are bad reviews killing your business? We’ll show you how to turn every review you get into a 5 star rating and make you a rock star on Yelp!

We help small or growing businesses take advantage of every opportunity they can to get more exposure and bring in more customers online. By using Yelp the proper way, we can help your customers find your local businesses tso you are able to build trust and deliver good products and customer service. We want to make Yelp a vital part of your marketing strategy.

But what happens if your online reputation takes a hit with bad reviews?

We, that’s where Outtasite Marketing comes into play. By using our unique Yelp strategy we can turn those bad reviews into glowing testimonials without you having to worry about your reputation going down the drain.

Here’s what we’ll do for you:

1. Influence People at the Right Moment

The moment when someone is looking for a business on Yelp is at a critical point when they are ready to make a purchase. If they see your Yelp page and read a positive review they can be easily influenced to use your business and possibly continue to be a customer for years to come. When people are reading Yelp reviews they are usually on the verge of becoming a customer and a couple positive reviews will be enough to get them into your store.  Most Yelp users make a purchase soon after seeing a listing and they may write their own positive review if they have a good experience at your establishment.

2-Respond and Interact with Customers

Should you receive any negative reviews or complaints on your Yelp page, we’ll show you how to use the site as a way to address these issues either publicly or privately. This can be a powerful tool to make your business appear invested in each customer’s experience and responsive to correct any potential issues. You can show empathy and caring for people who have a bad experience which can still leave people with a good impression of you in spite of the negative review. 

You can also interact with people that leave positive reviews to show that you appreciate all your customers and their feedback about what you are doing. Thanking people for their positive response can help encourage more positive reviews and communication between you and your customers.

3-Create a Brand Image

With a Yelp business listing we’ll show you how you can add your own content so that you have much more control over the way your business is presented. Yelp customers can add their own photos along with their reviews but they may not always be the best images. Adding your own photos to the business listing can be a good way to tailor your brand image and make your Yelp page look more appealing. 

We’ll help you can claim your Yelp page and upload your own personal business photos so that people have a better first impression of you. Creating your own Yelp listing or claiming an existing one lets you have more control over the content that is available for customers to see.

4-Use Yelp as an Authority

In terms of internet marketing, Yelp is useful for website rankings and getting your business seen online. In SEO terms, Yelp is considered an “authority” site meaning that it can carry more weight and help boost traffic to your site. When you claim your Yelp listing you can add a link directly to your website and it will boost your rankings in Google. 

With a link to your website people can read a brief overview of your business and then click through to a landing page where they will have more information and can make a purchase or reservation.

5-Make it Easier to Find Out About You

With your Yelp listing claimed, we’ll show you how to craft a listing that provide people with crucial information about your business that they can see immediately when they search in Google. Your Yelp can list your location in Google Maps, your business hours and a description of the items you have. Restaurants can have a menu available for customers to view online. 

Having this information readily available through Yelp can make it much easier for people to find your business and make a quick decision about whether to visit your store. This is especially useful for mobile or voice searches when people are looking for information on the go. Someone in the area can find you because your location is close and they know you are currently open. Yelp provides a way for customers to find and interact with you so that everyone benefits. This is powerful indeed!

How Long Does It Take To Make This Happen

The process usually takes 2-3 months to complete and start showing real results. Once you’re up and running the changes we make will be immediate and start you on your way.

If you would like to hire us to manage your account on a monthly basis we can do that also. That is a separate charge so look for that on our products page.

Let us help you claim your business on Yelp and show you how to make the most of this important app. We’ll give you tips and ideas that really work in getting your new customers and clients to leave glowing reviews and the best part, you’ll be miles ahead of your competition.


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