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SSL Certificate – Are You Securing Your Customer’s Information?

hackerDo you have a valid SSL Certificate for your website?

Are you keeping your customer’s information private and secure?

If you sell anything online or collect any kind of information from people, a valid SSL Certificate is needed for your website or you could be liable for any data breach that may incur.

As of 2019, Google is issuing warnings for any website that is not secure. If you don’t secure your website, you are inviting hackers to come in and steal any type of sensitive information.

What Is A SSL Certificate

According to BlueCorona.com, “An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is what stands between customers’ personal data on a website and hackers. It’s a set of data files that you can add to your server to achieve an encrypted connection between a browser and your server. When installed, a green padlock will be displayed when users visit your site to indicate that the site is secure.”

This is especially true if you are a doctor, lawyer, banker or have other high profile websites. They need a higher level of security so they would use what is called an Extended Validation Certificate.

According to LiquidWeb.com “This type of SSL certificate, when installed, will display on the browser address bar, the padlock, HTTPS, name of the business, and the country. Displaying the website owner’s information in the address bar will help distinguish the site from malicious sites. To receive this type of SSL certificate, the website owner will need to go through a standardized identity verification process to confirm the website owner is authorized legally to the exclusive rights to their domain. EV SSL certificates are used, in high profile websites, for applications that require identity assurance such as collecting data, processing logins or online payments.”

An valid SSL Certificate will secure Credit card transactions, Data transfers, your logins and browsing on Social media sites. Did you know there is a cyber attack every 39 seconds and 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses? This is why it is so important to get a SSL Certificate and secure your business website against anyone trying to hack your customer’s sensitive information.

How Do I Get A Valid SSL Certificate For My Website?

Depending on the type of site you have and what information you are accessing, you will need to get a valid SSL Certificate. This can be obtained from many third party sellers or from your web hosting.

There are 4 different types of SSL Certificates depending on your needs.

  1. Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL) – Highest level of security
  2. Organization Validated Certificates (OV SSL) – Second level of security
  3. Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL) – Contains basic encryption levels
  4. Wildcard SSL Certificates – Secures the base domain and unlimited subdomains
  5. Multi-Domain SSL Certificates – Serves up to 100 domains subdomains on 0ne certificate

Most online businesses will opt for the basic encryption level which is fine. Once you have that SSL Certificate and your site is secure, you can new be assured that a multitude of benefits will come your way.

Benefits Of Having An SSL Certificate

If you like to have a red warning sign in the url address bar of your website then you don’t need an SSL Certificate but for those of us who do, there are enormous benefits for your website.

1- A Valid SSL Certificate Protects All Of Your Sensitive Data – According to SSLRenewals.com, “The core function of an SSL certificate is to protect server-client communication.” If you don’t have that, you are liable for anything thing that happens. Having this certificate is a visible security signal for anyone who visits your site.

2- A Valid SSL Certificate Affirms Your Identity – Having a SSL Certificate validates your identity and authenticates the information about you. This way you and your site are both secure and trusted.

3- Improves Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking – Google now punishes those sites that still have  an http at the beginning of their url. From the SEOtradenews.com website, “Stats have shown that having SSL on your site can decrease your page bounce rates significantly. Some results have show a decrease as much as 50% in bounce rates. That equates to great increase increase in traffic. Bounce rates are equated in Google’s Algorithm, lower bounce rates equal higher rankings!”

4- It Increases Your Website’s Conversion Rate – Who doesn’t want higher conversion. Higher conversions mean more money in your pocket. Study after study has found that it can boost your conversion rates up to 75%. Without that visible security sign, over 83% of consumers abandon a cart because of fears of having their informed stolen.

Are you ready to get a SSL Certificate for your website?

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