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The Amazing Benefits Of Using Low Budget Advertising

Using Low Budget Advertising

What happens when you use low budget advertising in your local small business marketing efforts? Do you get any type of ROI that makes all the work you put into worthwhile? Does your business attract the right customers and/or leads that generate enough profit with your campaigns?

Believe me, I’ve been there with my small business. When you first start out, the money for advertising just isn’t there so you have to get creative. I’ve found there are so many online selling sites which has made it so easy to advertise your business but it doesn’t mean they will get you the clients you want. This type of advertising is proving to be the best way to reach a larger audience within a short time using less money.

Reaching a larger audience is fine but if you’ve done your homework, you’ll know what demographics your business should be aiming for. It’s best to narrow your search and use your advertising dollars to contact only those you’ve selected that you cater to.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising Numbers

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Let’s illustrate that point further. Say, you are a local construction company. You wouldn’t be advertising to people over who live in over 55 communities.  You’d rather set your sites on communities with young families who are looking for work done on their homes. Maybe they need an addition or a new basement or just a set of windows installed.

There are so many outlets that give you multitudes of options to get started. So where do you start? What is the best way to do low budget advertising?

First, as a local business, it’s imperative you go online. The days of just having a brick and mortar building are long gone. You’ve got to be seen online to get any kind of business. This means you must set up a website that advertises your services and/or products.

Second, you need to create multiple pages that can sell your products and services. Each pages must provide details of not only what you sell but social proof. Social proof is one of the best ways you can use free or low budget advertising to get the right clients.

Lastly, you need the right call to action. This means, you must get them to click a button to either call you, set up an appointment or find out more information. That alone can build your business to the point where you can start investing in better forms of advertising.

Without those three things in place, you can’t fully advertise what you sell and expect to make a profit.

What Happens When You Advertise For Free

Advertising for free seems like an impossible thing for any business because they hear the word free and look for a catch. This type of thinking must end if you want to build your business. Free doesn’t mean cheap. It means finding creative ways to make the most of your opportunities to serve the public.

Here’s a few ways to can advertise for free:

  1. Set up a Facebook page and talk about your business and offer discounts for people who sign up and like your page, 
  2. Create videos of the work you’ve done and post it to facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Do before and after photos. These are great for dentists, weight-loss centers, construction, roofers, auto body and collision experts, etc.
  3. Barter with businesses that compliment what you do. This can be a dentist who send his patients to dental surgeons, auto body shops that send customers to automotive parts stores or even landscapers who could partner with home improvement stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart or even True Value hardware stores.

How to get your website to get free advertising:

A business wanting to advertise from it’s own website has various means at its disposal that can bring in customers without paying for them. It does cost time but if you know your business, you can do this quickly and get a big return on your advertising dollar.

  1. Write in-depth articles related to their field of expertise that can be submitted to the media and publications that have a vested interest in your particular field. The advertising article can have information about the company and how they can fix the top problems their customers suffer from.
  2. Look for trending topics happening in your field and either do a video showing how to correct the problems or make news by posting the completed work on your site or social media.
  3. You could even interview your customers and have them sign a waiver which allows you to use the interviews on your site or social media. You could make them humorous and get the reputation as a business that not only is a trusted but fun to work with. Anything to show you’re different than the rest of your competition.
  4. Do Facebook live broadcasts where you answer question from people who need work done so you become the noted expert. No one else is doing these things especially in the local small business atmosphere.

Making Your Low Budget Advertising Work For Your Local Business With Google

There are many options available on the internet to get started. Your job is to build trust and get your clients to believe in you, your products and your services.

One of the best ways to get free or low-cost advertising is taking advantage of all the free tools Google gives you for your small businesses.

Google wants your small business to succeed because if you succeed, they make money. Especially when you start advertising on their platform. If you use Google adwords, you can quickly blow your entire advertising budget. This is why you must know your customers and what they buy. Armed with this information, you can start with just a few dollars a day and scale it up.

Here are some of Google’s best free tools:

Trying get to the top of Google for small business is a tough game to play but if you understand the tools that Google offers you can get there faster and get free organic traffic that will come to your website each and every day.

  1. Google Analytics – Is a great tool for seeing how your visitors interact with your website and find out where they are coming from. This way, you can create content that is better suited to your potential clients and allows you to focus your efforts on where your audience is hanging out.
  2. Google My Business – This is the gold standard for any small business. Get into the google 3-Pack and you can get all the traffic you can handle. Most local businesses don’t utilize this and are losing not only customers but a huge chunk of cash flow they could use to upgrade their business. Once you claim your business on GMB, there are many ways you can make it worth your while. Using video, putting up information about your business, informing the public about upcoming events, events posting coupons and discounts.
  3. Google Trends – One of the most underutilized tools that Google has. This tool helps you stay on top of trending topics your business can take advantage of. You can also use this information to post on your social media accounts which can draw attention to your business.

All in all, advertising doesn’t need to cost a lot. You have to be creative as well as smart with your advertising dollar and your will be rewarded for your hard work.

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