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The Power Of Google My Business

google my business imageWhy Have Your Business Set Up On Google My Business?

If you’re a local business, Google My Business will be your best friend forever!

By putting your profile on Google My Business, you allow Google to feed your information to Google Maps and it will help you get into the local 3-Pack which will give your business a huge advantage over your competition.

Google My Business is there to help you to manage how your business appears in both Google search and Google Maps. This is how you localize your business online.

Putting Together Your Google My Business Profile

How do you create your Google My Business account?

There are 4 main steps to the process.

1- Create an account and claim your business

2- Verify that it’s your business

3- Optimize your listing

4- Download the Google My Business app

Let’s go more in depth for each step.

Step 1 – Creating Your Account

  • The first thing you need to do is log into the Google account you want associated with your business. If you don’t have one, then create a Google account and start from there.
  • once you are on google.com/business, you then select “Start now” in the top right-hand corner. This will start the process and get you going.
  • You will then enter your business name, business address, and if you do deliveries to your customers’ locations, instead of them having them coming to you, check the box that says “I deliver goods and services to my customers.” If you don’t have a physical location of your business and are working from home or another address you don’t want publicly shown, you will check the box that says, “Hide my address (it’s not a store) Only show region.” Then, select your Delivery area.
  • Choose the business category that closely resembles the type of business you have.  This tells Google what type of customers you want coming to your place of business.
  • Add your business phone number and/or your website associated with your business.

Next comes the verification process.

Step 2 – Verifying your Account

There are 5 ways to do this.

  • Postcard
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Instant verification
  • Bulk verification

Once logged in, you will have the option to choose which verification code method you want but make sure all your information is correct and you add a contact name so they know who to send it to.

If it is by postcard, you should receive it with 5 business days. If you have more than one location pick the location you want to verify.

If you’re eligible Google will let you verify by phone. Once again, put the code in when instructed and hit enter.

The same thing will happen if you want to verify by email. If eligible Google will send an email and you click on the verification button. Very easy to do this.

If your business works with Google’s search console you can instantly verify your business.

For bulk verification (if you have more than 10 locations), you will click on Chain. From there, you follow the prompts. You fill out business name and parent company (If applicable), what country or countries you operate out of, the contact names of everyone who uses the Google My Business account), your contact phone number, your business manager email (it must be someone at the your business who can verify you’re a representative of that business), and the email address of your Google Account Manager.

Optimizing Your GMB Listing For Better Results

This is where you can really put your business listing into high gear. You should add as much information and media as possible about your business. This can include a business profile picture, the area in which you are located, the business hours you are open from and to, pictures of your goods and service, when you opened (if you don’t have an exact day try to get the month and year correct), the business phone number(s), and of course, your website address.

One trick that most business owners don’t use and it can hurt them in the long run is in regards to the business’s attributes.

What can you say about your business that sets it apart from others physically such as “Free wi-fi” or “Wheelchair accessible” or even what kind of payment options you accept. Try to think of as many things as possible that help your customers get to know your business better.

Let’s focus on 4 things in your listing that will send you more customers.

  • Photos
  • Map
  • Videos
  • Reviews

For photos, Google says it helps businesses get 35% more clicks and if you are on Google maps. you will get over 42% requests for driving directions.

The most important photo? The cover photo. This shows what your business looks like. Here is where you can impress the hell out of your customers and get them to WANT to go to your place of business!

All photos must be 720 x 720 so make sure you get this right or your photos will look blurry and turn off your future customers.

The next photo you should familiarize yourself with is the profile picture. This is where you will upload at least 3 photos of your business from the outside, 3 from the inside, menus (if you are a restaurant), your products (an accurate representation of them) as well as at least 3 action shots of your employees.

Why do they want this? So you can get the most out of your listing, have people see what your business looks like, see what you sell, and get a better idea of what you are about. Familiarity breeds customers who want to come back.

If you give your address and have Google Maps installed, people will be able to find your place of business. Without it, you will lose foot traffic for sure.

Video is your secret weapon if you want to really impress your future customers and clients. If you can show what you do and what you sell in a 30 second or less video, you can hook your customers for life. These promo videos can work for you day and night to bring in a steady flow of clients who will help your business grow.

These videos must be at least 100 MB or smaller and have 720p resolution or higher. The videos will help you stand out and give your business that homeyness that people crave.

Reviews are by far the biggest selling point to your business listing. Most people read reviews before buying or visiting a business and the more positive reviews the better your business will rank. It’s also true about bad reviews that is why you must go out of your way to please your customers and help them have a please and memorable experience when they visit you and your website.

Word of mouth can also help build great reviews. Finally, it’s important to respond immediately to any bad review and do what you have to to make it right for the customer. This shows you take your business seriously as well as the people who visit you.

Want to take your Google My Business Listing to the next level?

We never charge for a consultation. Why not call us today to find out what we can do for you?

If you are trying to attract more clients, call us today at 1(848) 218-9677. Not only can we help you with your Google My Business page, but we can also help you establish very effective Online Marketing strategies to help you grow your customer base even faster.

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